Bonus Whoring

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Bonus whoring is commonly referred to as the usual practice on several web gaming platforms which involves a player taking advantage on the welcome bonuses and incentives offered to most of these gaming sites. This act has been common among professional and expert gamers on the industry.

A player who uses this gaming practice is called a whore of bonuses. This player utilizes the free welcome rewards of several gaming sites to earn more credits or cash before bailing out of the platform. The earned credits or cash will then be automatically placed on the player's account where it can be withdrawn for future use.

Welcome bonuses before were free for its new players. These bonuses usually ranged from certain amounts of credits to free game spins. From these incentives, players have the chance to earn and to win more extra credits.

Today, there are two varieties of available welcome bonuses on web-based gaming platforms. The first type includes the usual free welcome incentives which don't require any initial deposits or wagers from the site's players. This type of reward entices interested gamers who just want to try and to participate on different gaming platforms available in the market today.

The other welcome promo type involves a certain amount of initial deposit or matching credit before a player can claim the said incentive. Once a player made an initial deposit on a certain gamin site, this platform will then match or grant the player with either the same amount of the initial wager or doubling it as part of the extra reward.

Bonus whoring usually happens to gaming sites which offer the first type of welcome rewards. However, most of the available gaming platforms in the market already use the second type of welcome promo rewarding to avoid cases of promo whoring.

This practice may seem inviting for some players, but several gaming review sites have regarded that promo whoring is impractical and inefficient for players who are looking for a long term experience on the gaming industry.

To be successful on bonus whoring, a player must have an exceptional gaming strategy and large amounts of luck in store. Instead of spending one's time on excelling on a certain platform, it is advisable to just enjoy playing the site's games.