Different Types of Free Play Casino Bonus Offers

Canadian gamblers who really want to get the most out of their money know how to find and utilize a free play casino bonus. There are many different types of these, and no one of them is just right for everyone. Discovering and applying them doesn't have to be a difficult task as long as individuals know what it is they want.

There are two primary types of offers that venues make available to their new and existing players, and these are no deposit bonuses and match bonuses. Most of the time, the free play casino bonus is a no deposit option that players receive simply for creating accounts or being loyal customers. However, in a very few cases, individuals can receive them only after they have chosen to make their first payments into their accounts.

The first type of free play bonus involves receiving completely free chips from the venue that are targeted toward a particular title or type of game. These offers generally aren't too high at less than $100 in value, but everything can help when it comes to earning real cash that can be withdrawn from the account. These offers will have some wagering restrictions tied to them, so individuals must be sure to read all of the terms and conditions carefully before accepting an offer if they want to avoid surprises later.

Another type of offer that is quite common is the free time or spins that many casinos give out as a promotion. Now, this is often part of a welcome offer for new customers, but some venues are known for making them available to everyone on one day out of the week. This is an exciting prospect and a good marketing plan because the more often a customer comes back to utilize the offer, the more likely he or she will be to actually make deposits and play for real cash. Of course, the wagering requirements associated with the promotions also entice players to spend; they must do so if they want to cash out any winnings they earn.

Finally, players may be able to take advantage of what is known as a 'sticky bonus' in order to play a certain type of game, whether it is slots, blackjack or video poker. The idea here is that the venue will hand out somewhere between $5 and $50 to the individual and allow him or her to rack up as much winnings as possible. Once the virtual cash has been spent, it simply disappears from the account, or rolls off. However, winnings can be cashed out once wagering requirements have been met.

Overall, these offers are great ways for new and existing players alike to truly boost their bankrolls. Again, everyone needs to take the time to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with these promotions before accepting them. Otherwise, when it comes time to cash out, they could be in for one rather large surprise.