All About Deposit Method Bonuses

Gamblers know that there are many ways to earn bonuses in online casinos. They can make deposits, take advantage of holiday promotions, refer friends, and more. However, many gamblers don't know that they can get an additional bonus simply by choosing a preferred payment method. Payment method bonuses are becoming more and more common in online casinos because they provide gamblers with an incentive to use a method that the casino receives a kick-back for.

There are many ways for gamblers to make deposits into online casino accounts. These include things like credit and debit cards, third party e-wallet service providers, electronic checks, bank wires and much, much more. In most cases, it doesn't cost anything to make a deposit using any of these methods; however, there may be some fees incurred when making a withdrawal from a casino account.

Players should first find a casino that they enjoy--and one that is known for being reputable. Then, they should visit the banking screen and review the various promotions carefully. Here, players should be able to find information about whether or not a deposit method bonus is available to them. The promotions will read much like bonus offers, such as: "Make your first deposit with Neteller and receive a 100% match of up to $500!" In other cases, players may be able to receive small bonuses for each consecutive deposit they make -- such as 5% when making deposits with Visa.

Before players commit to a certain method, they should make sure that they won't actually be losing money in the long run. The smaller payment method bonuses are only really helpful when a player makes a significant deposit. After all, 5% of $25 isn't very much and it is likely that, with some forms of payment, the cost to withdraw funds will be higher than the amount of money earned in the first place. As an example, an e-wallet service provider may charge 3% of a withdrawal in the form of fees.

Conversely, when players regularly deposit a few hundred dollars at a time and receive a 5% deposit method bonus, then this can really pay off. For example, if a player receives a 7% bonus for making a $400 deposit with Moneybookers, then that player will earn a total of $28 in free cash. This negates a small fee that is taken when the player later chooses to withdraw these funds from his or her account and, if the player makes these deposits every month, it adds up to $336 in bonus cash per year, just because the player chose to use Moneybookers.

While these bonuses are not as large as some other bonus offers and promotions, online gamblers are always encouraged to take advantage of all of the free cash they can. This way, they have bigger bankrolls and more money to spend. One of the best things about these bonuses is that the play-through requirements are generally very low and easy for players to meet.